The agency that helps you embrace the culture of change
Professional Rebel empowers frontrunners in big organizations to ignite the startup spirit. Inspired by our roots in the startup world and international network of entrepreneurs, we create programs, bootcamps and masterclasses to enable creativity, innovation and independent thinking.
Connect with the 800+ startups and intrapreneurs in our network. Their successes and failures teach you all you need to know about entrepreneurship and innovation.
The best way to change is simply by going for it. We help you test your ideas and get you experimenting.
From Lean, Sprint to Agile, we break through the jargon to get you what you need to innovate.

This is what we offer

1. Startup TOUR

A customized 6-hour tour visiting and learning from startups and entrepreneurs.


A half-day session where we give the tips and knowledge you need to innovate.

3. Startup DAY

Learn from startups and get the tips during a day of innovation.


A two-day fast track to innovate while getting started with testing your ideas.

5. Startup CHALLENGE

An intense competition style challenge to get your organization to make the most of great ideas.

6. Rebel CLUB (in beta)

Monthly meet-ups for innovators in organizations looking to connect and drive change from the inside out.

Clients say:

Arming the REBELS in business.

Our team

Our league of raging Professional Rebels

Meet Melissa

Known for her huge network & connecting people. Gives insights on what's next. Loves learning from (unusual) frontrunners. Likes to tweet, snapchat & eat good food.
Melissa Marijnen
Founder / Co-Chief

Meet Mats

Mats has the mind of a jedi. With his experience in strategy and his focus on what's relevant, he knows how to make relevant connections between our clients and the startup world.
Mats Siffels

Meet Simone

Simone has the steepest learning curve of us all. She knows how to run smooth productions and puts a smile on your face. Secret: she's also very good in taking our profile pictures.
Simone Schoutens
Production Lead

Meet Daphne

She is our finance mastermind & a kick-ass project manager, and supports us with organizing big events such as Startup Tour XXL.
Daphne Frühmann

Meet Roald

Roald is our resident reporter and interviewer. With a diverse background in communications and journalism he gets to know the professional rebels and shares their stories.
Roald Tjon
Chief Reporter

Meet Tommie

Tommie is our project manager, making sure bootcamps and startup tours run swiftly, moderating meet-ups and designing banners and flyers.
Tommie Leisink
Project Manager
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